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I am Cheyenne Leskanic

 I am a wife and mother and I find my greatest of joy to be our mundane everyday life. 

This is my little corner of the internet.

where I have created this to connect us.

Learn More about my WHY here.

Over my life I have found serving women, therefore serving their children and husbands by extension, is a profound grace that I am grateful to uphold. 

As a doula (I like to call it being a Birth Steward) and a Birth Educator (I like the word guide better) I get to follow through with walking with women and their families through the most wonderful roads.

I can help you

Two Medicines Birth Course 

Is a Spiritually and physically backed birth course that moves through six modules to harmonize and protect the body and soul during this most important Ceremony.

I am a Birth Steward  (doula) 

As a Steward for your birth, I take the Spiritual and physical protection over you and your family as a main goal. 

I work with you throughout your pregnancy to find what role you want to play in your birth and motherhood. At your birth I uplift that role for you while supporting you physically and spiritually.


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