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Hey There

I am glad you are here!

I have always been quite lengthy with words, I am sure it will be no different here. You should know somethings about me as these few things infuse my life and therefore all my thoughts, words and actions. 

I am Sober

A whirlwind of early life sent me dragging my own self into the valley of death searching endlessly for something to serve me and make the hole in my Soul disappear. I have been graciously been given mercy and sobriety since 2009. Being a Steward to women started here, first with other women being a steward to me, caring for my soul, protecting my spirit, helping me heal physically. Other women serving me durning this led me to then pass on what I was given.


You can still find me going to the local jail to serve and be with my sisters who are in the same need I was in at one time. Making light hearted comments at the destructive nature of my addiction always willing to share a story or two in hopes to connect to others.

I am a Wife

I deeply being in the vocation of Marriage, it is a sacred gift and can lead to sanctification. I am one of those wives who believe that it is through my serving and loving my husband, I also serve and love my children and us as a whole. Loving as in the definition of willing the good of another, not a feeling but action based in willingness to consistently work towards the good of another, it is a wonderful thing!

You can frequently find me gushing over how lucky I am to have such a good person as my husband by my side, loving my husband how he likes to be loved with acts of service.


Motherhood was something that called me early, I could not wait to have a chunky baby to pour love into, it only made sense that I had my first child at 19. Being a mother of four, having birthed three, it is my greatest joy to love them and get to be with them day by day. My births transformed me with each one I became new after the mysterious passageway. Each birth helped me be the mother I would need for that child. 

You can find me frequently walking with children in the woods, watching my children help in the garden and feeding the chickens. Reading books before bed and praying over them during their day in silent awe of their goodness and my gratitude.

Spirituality & Religiosity 

You will see the words Two Medicines on here frequently, because I believe we are physical and spiritual beings. We have a body, and we have a soul, both need medicine. My spirituality and religiosity is infused in my works. I work and serve God in serving and loving others. My Higher Power, as I understand Him, has given me the gifts I use to serve the world at large by serving those around me.

You can frequently find me in silent adoration of the worlds mysteries, reading mystic Saints and pondering the Nature of omnipresence. 


"As each has received a gift, employ it for one another, as good stewards of God’s varied grace" 1 Peter 4:10 

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