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Having a Doula

A doula is a nonclinical professional physical, emotional and spiritual advocate and support person during prenatal, labor and postpartum. 

Many studies have show how extremely affective doulas are at reducing rates of cesareans and improve the rate of 5 minute APGAR scores. Doulas reduce the risk of medical interventions, including pitocin, epidural, forceps and vacuum assisted birth. Doulas decrease labor length. Doulas have a positive affect on how mothers view their birth. Having a doula reduces your risk of postpartum depression and enhances probability of breastfeeding. 

Professionally trained, compassionatively driven.



Prenatal, Labor & Postpartum

This is everything, and how I personally prefer to care for you.This has everything in the previous choice and in addition 6 hours postpartum care for you and baby, usually spread 1-2 weeks postpartum over one or two sessions.  

1800 $

Prenatal, Labor & Closing

You want to have an amazingly supportive birth, this is for you.We will go through my birth course together in preparation for your birth, usually this takes two zoom sessions. In my birth course  there are hours of prenatal positioning & pelvic floor prep, meditations, journals, prayers and more. Leading to birth, you have access to me and my doula friends for all your questions and concerns. I will attend your birth and support you and your partner throughout your labor in the ways you want and need. From 1-3 weeks postpartum one closing for your birth. 

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